My tributes at a glance

An easy to reference my tributes and currently available add-ons. For more information about the specifics of an add-on, contact me directly.

Initial Interview

  • Approximately 30 mins long
  • Initial discussion to cover your experiences, interests, and expectations
  • Conducted separately from your session time
  • Includes your lifetime membership to Wicked Eden

Sessions 2 hours (or longer)

  • Individualized experience
  • Conducted in my well-equipped  facility
  • No additional fees for rooms or equipment
  • $350 for the 1st hour, $300 thereafter

Extended Sessions

$950 and up
  • 3 hours  – $950 | 4 hours – $1,250
  • Each additional hour after 4 is discounted.
  • May include abduction scenarios
  • Each session is unique and dynamic

Dinner and Domination

$1250 and up
  • Minimum 3 hour session
  • Plus a minimum 2 hours of social time at a restaurant of my choice
  • Includes 1 hour of cleanup and travel at no cost
  • Does not include price of meal or drinks (your responsibility)
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Session Add-Ons

Social Time

  • Social accompaniment for dinner, drinks, shopping, or an event
  • Can be conducted alone (4 hour minimum) or in addition to your session
  • When added to a session, can be done immediately before or after
  • Can also be added to extended or overnight sessions


  • Time spent alone caged, in bondage, etc.
  • Added in addition to a session and can be split throughout
  • Session must be 2 hours or greater in length
  • I always remain present in the facility for your safety

Session Videotaping

  • Retain a personal copy of your experience in full HD
  • Shot via a tripod for the duration of the session (must include entire session)
  • Edited video provided via digital download link or Blu-Ray (for additional cost)
  • This video is NOT for commercial use.

Keyholding and Personal Items

$60and up
  • Chastity keyholding can be added for before or after a session
  • Keyholding is done on a weekly basis
  • Worn panties, nylons, socks, and shoes also available
  • Items priced individually from $60-$150, contact me for specific details and current availability