Travel Sessions

Travel sessions are ANY session that is conducted outside of my beautiful dungeon in Columbus, OH. This includes “offsite” in Columbus, OH and surrounding cities inside Ohio as well as travels to other states and countries. I conduct travel sessions differently based on where the session is being held, calculating travel time, etc.

Regardless of where I travel, I always bring one or more suitcases with equipment, clothing, footwear, sanitation supplies, and specific supplies for the session. The additional travel tributes reflect the cost of dungeon rentals, hotel suites, luggage fees, and other associated costs.

I will conduct offsite sessions in Columbus and other major cities inside Ohio (Cleveland, Akron, Cincinatti, Dayton) on a case-by-case basis.

I prefer to do sessions in my private dungeon, which is incredibly well-equipped, clean, and secure. It is very convenient to have such a beautiful facility where all my toys, equipment, and clothing are located, and is much more suitable than a hotel room for most sessions.

However, I understand that there are some situations where it makes sense for me to travel to you. If your issue is transport, Wicked Eden can provide transportation within Columbus for an additional cost.

I may elect to bring one of my female staff members with me while traveling for my comfort and safety. They will not be present for your session unless previously arranged. You may elect to add the staff member to our session for additional tribute.

The interview tribute is always $50. For more information about the interview:

For already scheduled travel, I will take sessions based on the length of stay and what other activities I may be conducting during my stay. This could be for a convention, educational event, filming, or even personal travel.

Sessions will be conducted at either a dungeon facility or a hotel suite, depending on the location and circumstances. The length and occasion of my travel will dictate what equipment, toys, and wardrobe I am able to bring.

Sessions conducted while traveling are typically a 2 hour minimum, with exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.

My current travel schedule:

Looking for me to come to you? I will travel upon arrangement if I feel we have good chemistry and our sessions will be excellent experiences. I only travel to major cities and markets, so inquire directly if an area is something I am interested in. I have a current passport and do travel internationally.

I may elect to bring one of my staff members with me while traveling for my comfort and safety. You are not responsible for their travel fees and they will not be present for your sessions unless previously arranged. You may elect to add the staff member to our session for additional tribute.

You would be responsible for all my travel expenses, including round-trip coach flight for domestic travel, or business class for international travel, 3 or 4-star accommodations (Marriott or Hilton preferred), rental car for certain cities, and meals.

Plus, you’ll be responsible for a minimum number of session hours per day. You can elect not to use this time, but you are still responsible for the tribute. Because you are covering my travel expenses, my tributes are the same my home tributes and do not incur any additional per hour fees.

Length Tribute
1 Day Travel Expenses Paid + 6 Hour Session ($1400)
2 Days Travel Expenses Paid + 4 Hour Session Per Day ($1,000/day)
3 Days Travel Expenses Paid + 3 Hour Session Per Day  ($800/day)

For obvious reasons, all tributes and travel expenses must be remitted in advance of booking my trip. I book all of my own travel, so please don’t ask to do it for me.

Travel Tributes

Sessions in Ohio

$350/hour or less
  • Applies to all offsite sessions outside of Wicked Eden
  • 2 hour minimum, no maximum.
  • First-time sessions require an additional staff member to be present during the interview.
  • Appropriate location must be provided or arranged (such as an adequate sized hotel room)
  • Add $100/hour for travel time, which is calculated to the 1/4 hour as needed

Sessions Elsewhere (US and Worldwide)

$350/hour or less
  • Sessions are conducted at a professional facility or in hotel suite, based on the location.
  • Sessions are 2 hours minimum, maximums will depend on the circumstances of the event
  • Special requests for wardrobe, equipment, and toys may be available if booked prior to my trip.
  • Sessions may need to be 100% prepaid (interview fee + tribute) in certain locations.
  • Social time for dinner, drinks, attending events or parties may be available depending on the circumstances of travel.

Arranged Travel to You

$1200 and up + expenses
  • You are responsible for my travel expenses including airfare, accommodations, transportation, and meals.
  • Trip length dictates the minimum session length per day. See above for details.
  • Major cities and markets only, domestic or international
  • 100% of the travel expenses must be paid prior to booking.
  • Social time for dinner, drinks, attending events or parties may be available depending on the circumstances of travel.

Additional Questions?

Because travel sessions have so many different variables involved, it is best to come up with a budget before you contact me. If you are looking to arrange international travel, you are welcome to email with details before you call.

If you are scheduling with me for a city that I’m already traveling to, the fastest method is still through Wicked Eden. The scheduling process is detailed thoroughly here:

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