My Specialties

While I have a wide variety of interests that I am extremely proficient at and enjoy incorporating into sessions, I do have several specialties that I am well known for.

Corporal Discipline

I am very fond of all types of corporal discipline, from traditional spanking with paddles to hardcore whipping. I have a large collection of floggers from sensual and light to nasty and cutting. I have a variety of whips from singletails to gallery whips to dragon’s tails.

The most important part of corporal is being able to read and gauge you submissive’s pain levels accurately. I am very intuitive in this area and enjoy pushing people past their previous boundaries. I am also very skilled in the art of inflicting pain without leaving any lasting marks.

Foot and Leg Fetishes

Although I have amazingly beautiful feet and legs, they are also a source of erotic pleasure for me. I enjoy foot worship in the extreme and enjoy turning submissives on to the joys of foot worship. The immense satisfaction I receive from having my feet properly worshiped is incomparable and I like to incorporate it into the majority of my sessions in some way.

What foot fetishist would be without an amazing collection of footwear? I have a huge wardrobe of pumps, sandals, platforms, boots, you name it. I am also thrilled to use my feet for tease, whether they be in nylons or bare. I have an amazing assortment of nylons for this purpose– thigh highs, stockings, pantyhose, and more.


My first love in the kink world was bondage and remains one of my top interests. Very few professionals can perform the complexity of bondage that I do on a regular basis. I am incredibly well versed in all types of sensory deprivation, predicament, and immobilization bondage.

Rope: I am extremely proficient at rope bondage, both western and eastern (shibari) styles. I utilize hemp and jute rope for very simple through very complex ties, including suspension.

Leather: I have a full collection of high-end leather restraints, including leather straight-jackets, arm-binders, sleepsacks, arm and leg restraints, waist belts, puppy and pony gear, etc. I enjoy the feel and look of leather immensely.

PVC Wrap: A newer type of material, this wrap is flexible and comfortable and can be used for everything from mummification to full suspension. It is a very unique kind of bondage and tends to be more forgiving for softer body types.

Cock and Ball Bondage / Torment

I love CBT! There’s something amazingly powerful about holding a man’s most valuable jewels in the palm of your hand and knowing that he can do nothing to stop you from hurting them. I am very good at creative application of devices from very mild to extremely painful.

I have a huge collection of CBT devices, from leather to stainless steel, and everything in between. I enjoy incorporating corporal into my CBT sessions as well. These devices include Kali’s teeth, crushing devices, CBT bondage attachments, clamps and much more.

I also have an enormous collection of electrostim devices and powerboxes, such as ErosTek, PES, etc.

Tease and Denial

I am well-known for my particular brand of tease and denial. As a sensual control fetishist, I enjoy using my submissive’s arousal as a weapon against him. I am exceptional at using tools to keep that arousal and manipulate throughout extended sessions. I utilize my beautiful body to make you want me, but remain always out of reach. You are never permitted to touch me without permission.

I am exceptional at supervised masturbation techniques, including stop-and-go games and in denied and ruined orgasms. This also includes chastity training and cock control devices. I don’t believe in male pleasure being a right, but instead an earned reward.

I am widely versed into a variety of BDSM and kink activities from extensive bondage to to single-tail whipping to excruciating tease and denial.Read about my interests..
Although I am very proficient at many things, there are certain areas of BDSM that I am well known for.About my specialties.
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