Scheduling Your First Session

Stop! Before you call or email me to schedule, please read through the entire process. Due to the large volume of messages that I receive, messages that don’t follow my specified format are likely to wait weeks for response.

If you have questions regarding the process, I advise you to call me directly at 614-699-6013. I prefer phone contact to email at this stage as it allows me to address your questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Step 1: Request Your Appointment

Submit your request through Wicked Eden.

For fastest response, the scheduling desk of Wicked Eden (my dungeon) is staffed from 9AM to 11PM, 7 days a week. To make things simple, all session requests for myself and my other staff go directly through Wicked Eden. This means that you don’t have to wait to receive a response from me.

Choose your request method:

Online Session Request (opens in a new window)

Call (888) 873-8465 to speak to the next available staff member. (Please note: the only male who answers this line is Head Master Damiano, who is extremely professional and our members rave about how pleasant he is to speak to. If you are uncomfortable speaking to a man, you may request a callback from a female staff member. )

Email to

If you have never visited me before, then you will need to proceed to the next two steps.

Step 2: Complete Your Questionnaire

Once you have a tentative session scheduled, the Wicked Eden staff member will provide you with instructions on how to complete your Interests Questionnaire. This is a very detailed form that will allow me to gauge our compatibility, get to know you better, and be prepared when we do our initial interview.

Your information will always remain confidential, as your privacy is one of our utmost concerns. As such, you never have to worry about any information that you share with us, but any information you provide will only serve to improve your session experience.

Step 3: Pay your Membership/Interview Fee

Before your session can be confirmed, you will be required to pay the $50 membership fee. This fee also includes your initial interview with me, as described below. This is a lifetime fee.

We accept several methods of payment, both online and offline, at your convenience. You will be provided with these instructions at the time you schedule your appointment with me.

Wicked Eden is a private, members-only club. BDSM is legal in Ohio, and we strictly adhere to all local laws and ordinances. By operating as a private club, your privacy and confidentiality are assured, and you never need to worry about your visits.

The Interview

Before the session, we will conduct an initial consultation. I will review your application and discuss backgrounds and experiences. The interview allows us to make sure we are compatible and for you to ask any questions you may have. Most interviews are conducted immediately before your first session, but can can also be done partially over the phone prior to the appointment. The combination membership/interview fee covers the entire time is may take to talk frankly, and is conducted separately from your session time. The interview usually takes approximately 30 minutes, but can be more or less.