Image Portfolio

You’ll notice that many of my photos don’t fall into the typical “dominatrix” archetype. This is because I have so many more facets to my personality than just one. I believe that a Dominant woman should be able to wear whatever she wants without it affecting who she is. The images you see here are all me and are all recent.

I have been professionally modeling for approximately 10 years, but I only started working on publications in the last few years. Being able to collaborate to create new and interesting images has become a very involved hobby! I love creating new outfits, jewelry and headdresses, sets, and more to get a great shot. I am fortunate to live in a city with many talented photographers such as Laura Dark, with whom I can shoot frequently and build creative visions with. I also enjoy shooting with photographers all over the world, especially building my fetish and publication portfolio.

Interested in booking me as a model for videography or photography? Email me at or see my profile at ModelMayhem.