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I began filming for FemDom websites such as ClubDom in early 2005 and made hundreds of authentic domination videos since. Although I was popular and successful in that venture, it was always just a passing fancy. However, in 2011 I began another small project as an “experiment” into the world of FemDom POV. I could not have predicted what happened next. Within 2 months of putting my little homemade videos on Clips4Sale, my store shot into the Top 50.. something that was nearly impossible to do with only a dozen clips.

So I just kept on making clips, creating scenarios and situations in video that mimicked my real life experiences with submissives. By the 6th month, my store had exploded with popularity. Unlike many of the popular online Dommes who made videos at that time, I wasn’t a prissy princess who just did it for the cash. I was the real deal.. and apparently, it showed. I climbed into the top ranks on Clips4Sale and other PPV sites and never budged. In addition to running my dungeon, in-person sessions, and training my staff.. I also wrote, filmed, edited, and produced all of my videos by myself. Every step of the way. I finally hired a video editor in 2014 so I could free up more time for other projects, but I still do everything else so it remains authentic.

Now, as of the end of 2014, I am the #1 store amongst a sea of thousands of producers. The rankings fluctuate, but it has shown me that there is a real core of submissives that need to feel a connection with a real Dominant woman. Maybe they can’t serve me in person, but for a few minutes they can suspend reality and get a tiny piece of what it might be like.

Videos vs Sessions

It is very important to note that videos are not an accurate portrayal of in-person sessions, even the videos I have with slaves.
Clips are designed or edited to show the more “extreme” moments because our fantasies are always more extreme than reality. I try to always portray things in a realistic way, but don’t let one video shade your perspective of what I may enjoy in session. Many activities just don’t sell well or don’t film well, so I don’t use them.. but I may do them frequently in session. You can’t accurately portray good chemistry and connections with a 10-minute video!

In my POV videos, I try to encompass a wide variety of fetishes, so you may see many things that don’t interest you. It doesn’t mean I must include those activities or topics in sessions, it just means I made a video for those who enjoy them. Think of it as role-playing: just because I play a kinky step-mother in one video doesn’t affect how I might play a dominant nurse in another. One of my natural talents is understanding the fetishes of others without judgement or criticism.

POV videos are also a very limited medium, because the camera is not a living, breathing person that can be dominated. I try to always make these videos feel as if you’re right there in front of me, but I’m limited to certain kinds of experiences for the most popular fantasies.

…and just because I make masturbation instruction videos doesn’t mean I’ll let you cum in real life. Keep that in mind.

My Video Store

You can always find my most recent videos at this link: Goddess Alexandra Snow.

I have video updates 6 days a week, which means there is always something fresh and new to look at.

Use the “PREV” and “NEXT” buttons to view my most recent videos, or click the link above to see the full library.

Custom Videos

For information on custom videos, you can visit my other website which is tailored specifically to those who cannot serve me in person.

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