Places of Interest

A collection of all the awesome people, places, events, and things I love.

FemDom Sites


Mistress T – One of my favorite people. Can’t beat her for raw sensuality.

Ceara Lynch – Humiliation knows no bounds with her. Smart as a whip and vicious as they come.

English Mansion

Club Dom

Irene Boss / Boss DVD


Laura Dark – This amazing, phenomenal woman has become a very good friend and I am honored to know her. Much of the photography on this website are hers, and she has been making me look amazing for years now. Her creative vision is dazzling and her skills are exceptional. From high-end editorials with exotic animals to pinup to gothic romance to fashion, this lady can do it all. (Just don’t ask her to do weddings, she hates that.)

She does offer photography in her own studio as well as fetish portraits inside Wicked Eden. Go check out her site.. you won’t be disappointed.

GT6 Photography – I can’t say enough good things about John. I’m delighted with every shoot we do and his images are always clean, crisp, and packed with fetish deliciousness.

Brian Matthew Photography – I’ve only just started to shoot with this guy, but I love his attitude and his style. Excellent images.

Perry Gallagher – Beautiful, sensual images.