Originally, I displayed a list here of all of the fetishes and activities I enjoyed. I found that the list did nothing to actually explain how I like to play with these activities nor did it highlight my favorite types of sessions.

Below are my most desired interests. While this is not a complete list, if it is not listed on my areas of disinterest, I may enjoy incorporating it into playtime.

Please be aware that my videos are not an accurate representation of in-person session interests. Some activites, like brown showers, are things that I’m perfectly comfortable to discuss in a fetish video but will not do for health reasons. Other activities, like bondage, are hard to portray in a video but are highly desirable for sessions.

Some of my interests include…

I am a Foot Goddess, and my gorgeous peds are very sensitive. I demand that my feet be worshipped, in heels, stockings, or bare. And if my boy has been very good, he may be allowed to worship my silky legs and maybe even plant a few kisses on my perfectly shaped ass. Obviously, no inferior male would be allowed to worship my holy regions, so don’t even consider it.
Oh, to receive the honor of being under my ass! Forced to breathe my scent, or prohibited from breathing at all! Of course.. all men should be taught to be rugs as well as seat cushions, and lie on the floor while I trample them flat.
One of my all-time faves. I just love using my hands, fingernails, devices, implements, and my feet and heels to torment a man’s member. I also love cock and ball bondage, the more restrictive.. the better. I just love to think up new and interesting ways to make your little stick my toy.
Who says those little man-nubs aren’t fun? Clips, clamps.. tug, pull, twist! What fun! I am quite adept at using suction devices and various forms of sensation play to make those nipples sing for me as well.
My first love! Simple or complex, I love the act of restraining my slave so that he or she is unable to resist. Bondage is such a physical loss of control. I have become very proficient in western and eastern-style (shibari) rope bondage, immobilization, suspension, and predicament bondage. I have a huge assortment of bondage gear, from custom leather devices to spreader bars to metal manacles.
What sadistic glee I receive from applying one of my many implements to your tender flesh! Whether it be caning, spanking, paddling, flogging, or whipping… I am highly skilled at delivering a controlled punishment or discipline to teach a man his corpus is mine. I have a large selection of implements that range from incredibly sensual and gentle to fiercely painful.
I am known for being the “Queen of Tease and Denial” and I have honed this gift to an art. I love to torment a man with my gorgeous body, sensual words, and exquisite touches.. only to leave him begging, trembling, and aching. Isn’t is convenient that the more aroused a boy becomes, the more eager he is to please you?
Delicious! I have one of the largest feminization rooms in the USA, and I make full use of it. I just love to strip a man of his masculine exterior and dress him to the nines. Whether it’s for sheer humiliation, or actual transformation.. I just love boys who will be girls.
Certainly no list would be complete without this. I am not a brutish name-caller, but I am full of clever, barbed terms for erotic humiliation. I do so love to degrade a boy into a quivering mess by sheer taunting words, or to make him perform ridiculous things for my amusement. You’ll find me creating new games to make me giggle, and to make you blush in pure shame. Of course, no humiliation would be worthwhile without spitting and face-slapping as well.
Ball, bit, inflatable, penis-shaped, and more.. just the right thing for a symphony of muffled whimpers.  I enjoy removing a slave’s senses from him– no sight, no sound, no touch. The use of hoods, blindfolds, ear plugs, and other means make this a perfect opportunity for a slave to appreciate my presence.
Your body is my guinea pig, let’s see how it responds… hot wax, fire, ice, feathers, prickly things, abrasion, fur. I also own quite an assortment of electrical boxes and attachments that produce a wide array of sensations from soft and erotic to sharp and painful.
With my full-equipped exam room, I can perform lots of my favorite procedures, from physicals and checkups to anal exams. My room is well-equipped with speculums, forceps, needles, probes, urethral sounds, scopes, and much more.
I utilize my glorious golden nectar for intense humiliation or intimate reward. Perhaps I will only allow you release as I drench your body in my sweet wine, or put you through a gauntlet to earn the taste of my lovely piss as I leisurely sit on my throne. I do not do brown showers under any circumstances.
I do not smoke outside of sessions, but I have always loved the sensual power of a smoking woman. I use Djarum cloves, Marlboro Lights, and my gorgeous Hookah to torture you with facefuls of smoke or mouthfuls of ash.
That little erection needs to be controlled. If it were up to me, all men would be fitted for chastity devices as soon as they hit puberty! I will teach you that your penis is mine, and it only gets to play when I say so. I will only allow you to amuse me by masturbating in front me on very good behavior, otherwise your treat will be blue balls alá mode.
I have a huge wardrobe of leather, latex, velvet, lace, silk, and satin. I love indulging in my many fetishes, whether they be materials or styles. I also have a huge variety of boots, heels, shoes, and accessories to give your foot fetish a fix.
As a lifestyle Dominant, I am first and foremost interested in submissives who wish to devote themselves to my training. I have strict training programs available for those who demonstrate their sincerity and readiness. I only accept a small number of individuals for continued training, and a signed contract for a pre-determined period of time is mandatory. Such training can include:

  • Personal Service – Learn to wait on me hand and foot, to anticipate my needs, to care for my belongings, and administer to my desires. This includes learning proper service protocols, giving manicures, pedicures, and massages, clothing and accessory care, secretarial skills, etc.
  • Domestic Service – Learn how to be an ideal maid, butler, or house servant. You will learn cleaning, maintenance, yard work, chauffeuring, etc.
  • Puppy or Pony Training – Is your desire to become a human dog or pony? I am an accomplished equine and canine behavioralist, so my standards for human animal behavior are very high. Expect to learn to wear a tail, harness, hooves or paws, eat from a dish, wear a saddle, sleep in a cage, perform tricks, pull a cart, etc.
  • Financial Domination and Worship – As a spoiled, vain Princess, I am quite accustomed to being kept in a certain style of living. My slaves are devoted to my comfort and happiness, and therefore provide for me whatever I wish. I love to be pampered with tributes and pleased with gifts.
Last, but not least, I do so love to role-play. Whether it be a bratty neighbor girl, a snotty co-worker, a stern teacher, a devious nurse, or many other scenarios, I love to dress up and act out a myriad of psychodramas with theme rooms and many outfits.
I also do occasionally indulge in such things as: figging, fisting, champagne enemas, suspension, play-piercing, saline inflation, and some others. Inquire directly.

Limits and No Interest

I will not, under any terms, indulge in any of the following fetishes:

  • Oral Service – There will be no contact between your mouth and my breasts, anus, or vagina. This includes “breast feeding” for infantilism sessions.
  • Hand Jobs, Foot Jobs, or the like – I am not interested in satisfying you. I may allow supervised self-release with pleasing behavior, however.
  • Brown Showers (Coprophilia) – This is a potentially hazardous activity due to the risks of bacterial infection, even when consumed from a healthy individual. I do not enjoy this activity, even without ingestion, so don’t ask. As Irene Boss says “As a Dominant Mistress, I sincerely believe that My poop is simply too good for you, and you do not deserve to experience it.” – Yep! That sums it up!
  • Wrestling – I do not offer competitive wrestling. I will incorporate physical domination and wrestling holds into a session, but these are done as any other activity: with a totally obedient submissive.
  • Castration – This is a fantasy activity and cannot be conducted in real life. I suggest you watch one of my castration videos instead to roleplay the fantasy.
  • Switching/Submission – No, I will not submit to you. The simple suggestion is an insult. This includes bondage, tickling, or any other activity.
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