Gifts and Wishlists

I won’t lie– I simply love to get gifts. I believe it is a required part of submission to me, as a symbol of your on-going devotion. I am accustomed to being kept in a state of material comfort by my slaves, from clothing and shoes, to furniture and technology, to gift cards that I can spend at my whim.

Showing your respect does not mean you need to max out your credit cards, however (although I am happy to indulge in that fetish *wink*). There are always inexpensive items on my Amazon list and gift cards to my favorite stores work wonders too. Keep reading to get ideas– I like to see boys put EFFORT into pleasing me!


As you can now add anything to the Amazon wishlist from any site, I’ve tried to consolidate everything down to Amazon for ease of browsing.

My Wish List

For EU pets and admirers, go to my wishlist. Because I am in dual locations, I may not get my gifts for the US for several months until I go back home.

Browse my most-wanted wishes here (USA/North America):

Sending me something?

If you’d like to send me a token or gift in the mail, please utilize my address below. If you’re looking to purchase something for me, please refer to my sizes to ensure that you get the right thing.

Shipping Address

Packages should be addressed to:

Alexandra Snow
6956 E Broad Street #169
Columbus, OH 43213

This address can receive mail and packages via post (any type) only.

This address is a private mailbox service, and cannot accept in-person deliveries.


Height 5’5
Weight 135
Tops Small/Medium
Dress 6US – 10UK
Pants/Skirts 4 / 27″
Shoes 8 US / 38 UK
Bra 34G
Panties Small US/Medium UK

Gift Cards

Npt sure what to get? Gift cards are always a wonderful way to show your appreciation without having to spend hours shopping. Bonus? Most places like Giant Eagle and Kroger give you fuel points and you can use cash to make these purchases.

  • Fabulously Fetish – My go-to for shoes and boots
  • Nordstrom – Definitely my favorite place to shop for clothing.
  • – Where I get most of my lingerie.
  • StockinGirl – I always need new stockings, leggings, and pantyhose. I am a size medium in this company’s nylons.
  • Ulta and Sephora – where I buy my beauty supplies
  • Victoria’s Secret – Since they closed their wishlist function, just use gift cards. If you would like to shop for a gift from me directly, see my sizes above.
Online gift cards should be sent to