My Specific Clothing Fetishes

Like many professional Dominas, I have defined preferences for the kinds of fetish clothing that I wear. I will slowly fill this area in with images of my wardrobe so that you can get an idea of my favorites. In the meantime, my videos and professional photos portray my wardrobe very well.

What I will wear in a session is completely dependent on my mood and the suitability of the item for the session. My full leather catsuit, for example, is incredibly sexy but it lacks the mobility to do things like suspension or corporal. Likewise, some latex is much too hot to wear for extended periods of time and some lingerie may be too cold to wear in the winter.

I truly enjoy playing with clothing fetishists, whether it be for knee-high socks or neon spandex, and I’m happy to utilize your fetish the primary theme of the session. If something specific isn’t listed here, just ask me.


I love silky, satiny, gorgeous fabrics! I simply love to wear satin corsets, blouses, skirts, gloves, and more. I have vintage satin dressing gowns, short satin dresses, long gowns, tight leggings, the works.


Who doesn’t love the look and feel of leather? I have a varied selection of leather garments, included many from Northbound leather. In my closet, you’ll find leather blouses, corsets, skirts, pants, and dresses to go with my leather shoes and boots.

Latex and Rubber

I have a large array of very expensive latex that I love to shoot in. For sessions, latex is worn on specific occasions where I know I won’t damage the latex with our activities and I’m able to keep the dungeon at a cooler temperature (latex makes you sweat). For those who love the look but their session activities are not suitable for its wear, I have lots of wet look materials, vinyl, and patent clothing that has all the sexy without the hefty pricetag if it’s damaged.

Corsets and Lingerie

Certainly not to excluded, I love corsets and have an obscene number of them. I also love to wear them separately or with garters and nylons. I also enjoy lingerie ensembles that are classy and seductive.

I have a large collection of nylons and consider myself a nylon fetishist because it goes hand-in-hand with my foot/leg fetish.

Business Wear

I am quite fond of pencil skirts, blouses, and blazers for a severe “boss bitch” look. I have entire suit ensembles that are impeccably tailored as well as separates that make for sexy, yet comfortable session wear. Peep-toe pumps often complete the outfit.

Casual & Club Wear

Suitable for certain kinds of role-play scenes or extended sessions where comfort is necessary, I have a huge assortment of tight little dresses, leggings and tops, tight jeans, and more.

Characters and Costumes

From superhero/supervillian costumes to authentic nurse to Egyptian queen, I have many involved costumes for complex roleplay scenarios. I don’t enjoy wearing cheaply made costumes, so nothing I have could be compared to a Halloween costume.
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