Frequently Asked Questions


Full instructions are found here: Making an Appointment

Of course. This is MY dungeon, and everyone who works for me is bound by the same confidentiality agreements. By scheduling through Wicked Eden, you get an immediate response to your phone call or email, someone to ask questions of, and can get your session confirmed right away. The only male who answers the phone is Master Damiano, and he is knowledgeable and helpful, never uncomfortable to speak with. My clients always rave how pleasant he is to speak to. If you need to speak with me at any point in the process, the staff member will transfer you to me or arrange a callback.

I take great pride in the system I’ve developed to keep my dungeon, Wicked Eden, a clean and safe place to play. To accomplish this, we maintain rigid cleaning and sanitation standards of the facility and its equipment.

We comply with CDC guidelines with the use of hospital-grade chemical germicides that are EPA-registered as sterilants. Any item that comes into contact with intact mucous membranes is subjected to intermediate-level disinfection via a three-step process. We do not appove of the use of condoms for general risk control, as condoms can and do break and contamination often occurs between gloves and materials. Therefore, our insertable devices must be silicone, metal, or glass, which are the only materials shown to be fully sanitizable and can withstand the chemicals used. Items which can rust (such as nipple clamps) are cleaned and must undergo a special chemical bath as well.

Items that come into contact with skin and bodily fluids, but not mucous membranes (such as leather cuffs, CBT devices, etc) are cleaned immediately after each use with a CDC-approved broad-spectrum chemical that is safe for natural materials like leather. Because things like rubber and leather are porous, they must undergo both a physical cleaning, chemical sanitation, and then must air-dry for an appropriate amount of time. The same applies to all furniture and surfaces that may come into contact with viruses, micororganisms, or bacteria.

Each room and the toys used are cleaned and sanitized following each appointment, so there is never a risk of contaminating clean items. This additional step is the reason while sessions are not scheduled directly adjacent to one another, as we do not permit clients inside the facility until it has been cleaned. This includes carpets, floors, walls, etc.

Our cleaning and sanitation guidelines virtually eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including tuberculosis, E.coli, HIV (AIDS Virus), Hepatitis B and C, and pneumonia. This allows our clients and visitors to rest easy, knowing they can relax and enjoy themselves while inside our doors.

I see those with no experience or a lifetime, it makes little difference to me as long as you are sincere and able to communicate well with me. I advise you to spend some time reviewing my site thoroughly so you are well-acquainted with me before contacting me.

I feel that it is a sad state of affairs when it is necessary to include such a policy on my website, but I know that not all people are bound by the same ethical codes.

  • I take your personal privacy very seriously, just as I expect you to take mine. This means any and all information that is shared before, during, and after the interview process.
  • All information gathered during the application process is stored on a secured server that is only accessible by me. This includes all correspondence via email.
  • You are not permitted to infringe upon my private life or personal functions. My life does not revolve around my occupation, and any attempts to bring attention to yourself in an inappropriate manner will be dealt with harshly.
  • Your personal identity, occupation, family life, vanilla obligations, and outside connections are insignificant in the role you assume with me. When you come to serve me, you are accorded the same designation as everyone else until you earn otherwise. I simply don’t care who you are or what you do, unless it directly impacts your service to me.
  • I value discretion above all else in terms of privacy. The contact we have and time spent together is between us, and stays between us unless otherwise discussed. This means that should we encounter one another in the vanilla world, you will not prostate yourself in a public place. If I notice you in a public place, I would treat you like any other stranger.
  • I do not film or photograph any individual without signed model releases and 2257 documentation. This means that I do not have hidden cameras or the like lurking about my dungeon. When I film my sessions, it is a great privilege and requires lights, cameras, and set-up. It is not covert.
  • If you are concerned about legal ramifications, understand that BDSM and professional Domination is legal in Columbus, OH. However, should you wish to have a Confidentiality Agreement, I can provide one to you for us both to sign.

I do not script sessions nor will I provide masturbation fodder. My sessions are unique experiences that vary greatly from person to person. If you have a specific question about an activity, I am happy to answer those, but otherwise you’ll have to find out for yourself.

If you’re looking for sexy, exciting videos.. look no further than here: Alexandra Snow on Clips4Sale

Yes, I will travel upon arrangement if I feel we have good chemistry and our sessions will be excellent experiences.

You would be responsible for all my travel expenses, including round-trip coach flight for domestic travel, or business class for international travel, 3 or 4-star accommodations (Marriott or Hilton preferred), rental car for certain cities, and meals. Plus, you’ll be responsible for a minimum number of session hours per day.

For obvious reasons, all tributes and travel expenses must be remitted in advance of booking my trip.

Traveling Rates for arranged travel are as follows:

Length Tribute
1 Day Travel Expenses Paid + 6 Hour Session
2 Days Travel Expenses Paid + 4 Hour Session Per Day
3 or More Days Travel Expenses Paid + 3 Hour Session Per Day


For sessions where I am already traveling to an area, there is an additional $50/hour to cover the additional price of dungeon rentals and upgraded hotel suites.

Yes, I do. Phone sessions are by appointment only and same-day requests are not recommended.

Phone-only sessions are $2.99/min, and phone with cam is $4.99/min. I utilize Skype for webcam sessions. Minimum session length is 30 minutes.

You may contact me directly to set up an appointment,

I dislike the term “Mistress” because in common vernacular, it means “the other woman.” I prefer to be addressed as Goddess, Domina, or Miss Snow. I expect proper manners, such as “yes Ma’am” or “excuse me, Ma’am.”

It is never appropriate to call me “Alex” because it demonstrates a level of familiarity that is inappropriate. You may call me Miss Alexandra or Goddess Alexandra.

No, I do not offer scat/brown showers. There is a high risk of potentially deadly bacterial infections, even if the giver is perfectly healthy. However, I will do golden showers, which I enjoy immensely and are completely safe.

Absolutely! I also can obtain items such as anal toys, gags, CBT toys, clothing, etc at a discounted price for you, to buy and keep for yourself. You may also keep your toys in a locked box at my facility for safe keeping, including feminization clothing for sissies, for an additional charge.

No, I do not allow for oral vaginal or anal worship. I provide domination, not sexual satisfaction, and the worship of my holiest regions is not appropriate for a professional session. I do allow for foot, leg, and clothed ass worship for those who earn that privilege.

I do not offer handjobs, footjobs, or the like. Your orgasm at my hands does not interest me. The only way I will participate in these activities is for fetish video purposes, which make me more invested in actually allowing you to cum.

I do allow supervised masturbation for well-behaved pets.

I am not a smoker, as my health is very important to me. However, I fully appreciate the beauty of a Dominant woman smoking, and the torture of burning and ashing sessions. Therefore, I will engage in smoking play, employing clove cigarettes or cigars. If you wish to bring me cigarettes or cigars, I prefer Dhjarum Blacks and Davidoff cigars.

Bringing a gift will certainly improve my mood and will make me more positively inclined to you, so gifts are always recommended. They need not be extravagant to be effective. See my Gifts and Wishes for ideas, but I always enjoy new toys, clothing, fine red wines, gift cards, and spa gift certificates. You may send gifts to my mailing address or bring it to a session.

I prefer clean, shaved (pubic region for men and pubic region plus legs for women). You should be showered, your hair neat, and wearing light cologne or perfume. Wear clothing that is discrete, but not trashy. Slacks or nice jeans, collared shirts, and nice shoes are acceptable. If you are unable to shave your pubic region, at least trim it neatly (which you should do anyway– bush, yuck!).

If you are expecting anal play, I prefer for you to administer your own enema beforehand, unless I will be giving it to you at the beginning of the session.

You may request, but it will be my decision whether or not I feel like obliging you. What I wear is directly relative to the activities of the session. Many items of fetishwear do not allow for me to have full mobility (like my leather catsuit), or are impractical for the session type (i.e. latex). The last thing you want is for me to be unable to handle an emergency because of my clothing.

I have a large selection of heels, boots, corsets, vinyl, leather, etc. that I wear when the mood takes me, but I will listen to reasonable requests. If you have a particular fetish and I do not have an outfit/item to satisfy it, then you’re best off buying it for me.

I have an extreme shoe and clothing fetish and enjoy all the trappings of it. I also enjoy performing my sessions in business wear, cocktail dresses, sexy skirts and tops, etc.

As a rule of thumb, asking me to wear “as little as possible” is a sure way for me to do exactly the opposite.

I do offer “outcall” sessions for additional tribute of $100/hour, with a 2 hour minimum. First-time sessions require a second staff member to be present for at least the first hour.

I prefer to do sessions in my private dungeon, which is incredibly well-equipped, clean, and secure. Outcall sessions require a lot more “hassle” for me when I have such a beautiful facility where all my toys, equipment, and clothing are located that is much more suitable than a hotel room.

If your issue is transport, Wicked Eden can provide transportation within Columbus for an additional cost.