Seeking film slaves – Columbus, OH

I got such an excellent response to my previous film slave search, I’ve decided to open it up again for Columbus. I’m looking to expand my collection of film slaves and would like some fresh faces (i.e. fresh meat). If you perform well, you might just be looking at a regular opportunity to be used.

Even if you’ve applied previously, you are welcome to email me again as many of my old emails get lost in the shuffle.

The criteria are as follows:

  • You must be a legal US citizen, 20 or older, with two forms of ID.
  • You must sign a model release and 2257 paperwork, but these are kept confidential.
  • You will receive a copy of any videos shot for your own personal enjoyment.
  • You do not need to be in optimum physical shape, but I do require recent photos before I make a decision.
  • I will allow you to be masked or hooded to keep your identity concealed.
  • I will require a $100 tribute to ensure you’re sincere and will instruct you how to pay that if you’re chosen. (Considering my hourly session tribute, this is an immense gift, do not take it lightly.)
  • You must be willing and able to perform one of more of the following activities: forced orgasm, CBT, facesitting, strap-on, spitting, face-slapping, cum eating, public humiliation, chastity, intense bondage, corporal punishment. You will provide your interests and limits and I will choose the scenarios. These are not sessions. If you are seeking a more personal experience with me, schedule a session instead.
  • You must be comfortable with others in the scene, including but not limited to my cameraperson.
  • You must be able to conduct yourself properly in and out of scene, which means proper manners, reliability, communication, etc.

If you meet all these criteria, send me a letter of introduction, areas of interest, and recent pictures of yourself to for consideration.

My birthday approaches.

It’s that time of year again– my birthday and a holiday that all of my fans and slaves should be recognizing. This year is very special because I’ll be celebrating by attending Burning Man with my partner-in-crime, Ceara Lynch. If you’re lucky, you’ll see images trickle through from my adventures in the desert. A good slave already cleared our Burning Man supplies list, but if you’re lucky, there’s still some things left on mine below.

I’ve been slowly sorting my images from Iceland as well, but you’ll have to wait for that.

Contributing to my birthday celebration may be done with gifts here: My Amazon Wishlist

Gift cards are also highly desirable and can be sent to



To another fantastic year,


Traveling to Phoenix and Tucson

I’m heading out to beautiful Utah for a hiking, exploring, and photo shoots. At the end of my trip, I’ll be staying in Phoenix and Tucson on my way to White Sands, NM. I’ll be taking a limited number of sessions during this time and will have limited gear and clothing, but this is a unique opportunity to see me in the southwest.

May 27 – 28 – Phoenix

May 29 – 30 – Tucson

Email me directly for details and scheduling: alex @

Rates and other details may be found here: Travel Sessions

New Availability for Spring/Summer 2017

As many of you have noticed, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this last year since my return from Paris. I’ve been all over the place and I’ve got lots more adventures planned for the remainder of this year as well. In an effort to help with scheduling in-person sessions with me, I’ve updated my availability calendar to now have regular days of Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10AM – 8PM available for sessions.

To see my current travel calendar, go here.


Sessions must be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance. I realize this may be difficult for some of you, so I may have assorted additional days available when you call Wicked Eden to schedule. (Sessions must be 2 hours or greater in length unless you have special approval from me directly.)

For scheduling information, go here. 


I will be offering some limited phone/webcam times as well. You may email me for my current week’s availability: is now LIVE!


The wait is OVER!

It’s been a very long, long time in the coming but my membership site is FINALLY launched! As of this email, there are over 1100 videos with 6 new updates every single week. Are you excited yet?

Remember when I mentioned how newsletter members would receive special pricing? Well until May 3rd, you can receive a massive discount off the 1-year membership price. Just how much? See below.

Montly membership: $49.99/month
Quarterly membership: $134.97/quarter (10% discount)
Yearly membership: $419.88/year (30% discount)

Special offer for 24 hours: $375/year

This special price can ONLY be reached by signing up at this link and can not be seen from the regular site. (If the link is not visible, cut and paste this URL:  )

As of May 3rd, this link will no longer be active.


“So… is this ALL of your content from your clip store, Goddess?”

Yes, with some exceptions. A handful of videos contain content that Visa and Mastercard doesn’t like, so I am not permitted to have them on the site. There are a small number of “premium” videos that are available at premium pricing on my clip store that are not included (such as my pasties videos), for obvious reasons.

The updates to my website are exactly one year behind the content I release to my clip stores. has 6 updates per week, more than most vanilla porn sites, so there is always new content when you login. You receive 6 streaming videos per day, enough to indulge in your favorite categories.

If you want the latest videos and want to keep them in your personal collection forever, keep an eye on my clip store.

Remember that I create and produce 100% of my own content.. so everything you see is my exclusive creation.


“Are you really in Paris?”

Yes! I’m traveling between Paris and the US every few months as I explore new business ideas and practice balancing work and life.

Due to my current visa status, I am not doing in-person sessions in Paris but I will post my travel schedule for the rest of Europe as it materializes.

I am back in Ohio May 27th – June 11th.

During my time in France, I will be doing more custom videos and webcam sessions. Email me for my current schedule.

More updates to come.. go enjoy the website now!



Returning to Paris – March 8 – May 24


(From my most recent shoot with Radiant Inc in Las Vegas.)

Last year when I ventured to Paris, I admit that I completely fell in love with the city and ached to explore more of Europe. For this reason, I’ve decided to make an extended trip back to France from March 8 to May 25.

Due to the legalities of doing sessions in Paris, I will not be available for in-person sessions. I will be considering trips to other European cities and I will be doing phone and webcam sessions during this time. I’ll obviously still be doing my videos, working on my brand new website, and will finally be opening up for custom videos once more. I might even get caught up on my overflowing email (but don’t hold your breath).

Be aware that I won’t be traveling with an entire kit of fetish clothing, shoes, boots, and toys, so take this into account when you make your requests. To schedule remote sessions or request a session in Europe during my stay, you may email me at

I look forward to seeing all of my obedient Ohio boys upon my return in May.

Until then,


Adult Entertainment Expo – Jan 20 – 23


Come visit me in Las Vegas for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. For more information: Adult Entertainment Expo

I’ll be signing autographs and taking pictures at the Clips4Sale booth from 1PM – 4PM on Friday the 22nd. Come entertain me!

I am *finally* visiting the UK!

Visiting the UK in June, 2015

Humbled Before Your Mistress. Image by Laura Dark.

Humbled Before Your Mistress. Image by Laura Dark.


Official Dates

English Mansion – June 9th – 15th 

Central London – June 16th – 23rd

After nearly a decade of travel, sessions, and videos.. I am finally visiting the beautiful United Kingdom. It’s been rather long in the making and I’ve received an overwhelming positive response. I am being hosted by the fantastic English Mansion and will be filming lots of phenomenal content while I’m there. I will then be traveling down to London proper and accepting a limited number of sessions during my stay.

I’m extremely excited about my trip and anxious to see how hard the boys and girls of the UK will work to impress me. It’s been such a long time in the coming, so I know it will be worth my while.

I will be using one of two rental dungeons during my stay in London, based on the session requirements and availability. Both dungeons will be within easy access of central London.

My UK tributes will be as follows:

1 hour – ₤225
1.5 hours – ₤320
2 hours – ₤415
3 hours – ₤575
4 hours – ₤750

Interview – £35 – Optional for 1 hour sessions. This fee covers the time that we will discuss interests off the session clock and become acquainted before play, which usually takes approximately 30 minutes. For one hour sessions that opt not to do the full interview, we will chat briefly at the start of your time.  I can optionally conduct interviews via Skype prior to my trip.

Social time – £80/hour, limited availability.
Dinner and domination – £740 – 3 hours of session followed by 2 hours of social time, limited availability.

Required deposit – First hour of tribute or 50%, whichever is greater.

I have various pockets of availability on the following days:

June 18-19 (London Dungeon Hire)
June 21-22 (Murder Mile)

If you’d like to schedule with me utilizing these new tributes and schedule, please provide the following:

  • Your full availability (earliest and latest) and preferred dates
  • Desired session length
  • If doing a one-hour session, whether you’re waiving the interview option
  • Any special requests that will affect dungeon rental, equipment, or my packing list

You may schedule with me via phone or email, or directly with Wicked Eden.

As always, please be aware that my email response time is ridiculously slow. Emails to Wicked Eden are always best.

Phone – +1(614) 699- 6013 (9am – 10PM EST)  or  +1 (888) 873 – 8465
Email:  or

I will also be attending Madame Caramel’s FemDom Ball on June 20th, so those who are unable to session may still be able to make my acquaintance.

See you soon, UK! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I leave time for a little sightseeing.



Sinical Magazine Interview

 (From the original, found here:


Alexandra Snow is a professional Dominatrix, model, and a fetish and BDSM video producer. This interview/pictorial was featured in Sinical #17. Print copies can be purchased here.

Photography by Laura

Corset, garters, gloves: What Katie


Sinical Magazine: Do you remember the first fetish magazine or book you came across?

Alexandra Snow: Throughout my childhood, I was a voracious reader, and remain so to this day. I remember perusing the very expansive public library bookshelves for books with interesting covers when I came across the original Venus in Furs by Leopod von Sacher-Masoch, next to Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty on a display. I took them both and read them cover-to-cover in great fascination, even until the books were way past due. I remember outright paying for the books so that no one else could have them!

Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in fetish modeling?

Alexandra Snow: I started modelling in 2004 for assorted small fetish websites, but soon realized that there was no money in photos and if I was going to be serious about pursuing a career, it would need to be in video. As an actual Domina, this wasn’t a difficult stretch, and I soon developed a very devout following. I built my own media production company from scratch and I now produce 100% of my videos, so I have total control over my content. Once I conquered the fetish video world, I realized that I’d neglected the photography end. I’ve been rectifying that over the last several years and intend to make my mark there as well.



Sinical Magazine: What do you think makes a model stand apart from others?

Alexandra Snow: The ability to emote. Whether this is in photo or video, the model needs to be able to be portray a moment in time with feeling, not just be a pretty face.

Sinical Magazine: From a model’s perspective, what do you think is the most important aspect of a photo?

Alexandra Snow: In this day and age, more photographers seek to collaborate than just outright hire a model. This makes the work so much more interesting and dynamic! For me, I look for depth in a photo. I want it to speak to me on some level, convey something interesting or thought-provoking. When I model, I strive to create that dimension.

In POV video (my specific genre), you are essentially destroying the fourth wall of reality that separates the medium from the viewer. In theatre, this is when a character speaks directly to the audience, but in fetish video.. this is an incredibly difficult thing to accomplish. You have to think ahead each step of the way and authentically portray the scenario or fetish at hand. What really defines a great video is connecting with the viewer so that he or she believes you are talking to them and no one else.



Sinical Magazine: In this photo set you are wearing nylons. What is the appeal of nylons to you?

Alexandra Snow: I’ve always been a nylon fanatic! I have incredibly sensitive feet and legs, so the feel of nylons has always been a very sensual experience. I’ve developed a great appreciation for different types of hosiery.. and my collection grows every day. My favorites remain Wolford, Transparenze, and Eleganti.

Sinical Magazine: Clothing wise, what are your fetishes and why?

Alexandra Snow: Although I have a huge wardrobe filled with leather, latex, and lingerie.. I’m a silk/satin fetishist at heart. It’s why I love nylons so much as well. There’s something about the glossy, soft feel of a satin corset that puts other options to shame. Next to satin, I’m equally in love with leather and with corsets. I currently own more than 30 corsets and think it’s a paltry number when I go to get dressed. I also enjoy the smell and feel of high quality, fashionable leather.



Sinical Magazine: What are your measurements?

Alexandra Snow: I am 34G (natural) – 26 – 33, and I’m 5’5. The running joke is that all I ever wanted to be was tall, but I got large breasts instead. Hey– use what you’ve got!

Sinical Magazine: What is your shoe size?

Alexandra Snow: I am a size 8.

Sinical Magazine: How did you become a Dominant?

Alexandra Snow: People like me are exceedingly rare because we are not our occupations, instead turning our occupations into who we are. I have always been a Dominant woman. I never had a crisis of identity, either. I knew what I was. I was putting neighbor kids in dog crates in elementary school (calling it “playing kennel”), and it was all downhill after that. But I believe that being a Dominant personality is no better or worse than any other type, it simply describes a very specific desire to be in charge. With that desire, of course, comes great responsibility (cue Spiderman music) because you must make yourself an impressive leader if you wish to be followed. This is why we differentiate between someone who is a “Dominant” or a “Top.”



Sinical Magazine: How did you get started in a career in professional Domination?

Alexandra Snow: I began in the white collar business world (IT and marketing), and that came with morality clauses in my contract prohibiting me from having profiles on BDSM community sites. I decided to transition into being an independent consultant, and with that came online freedom. It wasn’t long before I was meeting new people and playing with those that caught my fancy. It wasn’t just “fun”– it was really, truly fulfilling! When I moved to Columbus, OH, I realized that I had a choice to pursue professional Domination as a career and do it differently. I took that chance.

I was obsessive in my pursuit of knowledge. I already had a background in sexual behaviors psychology from John Hopkins, so I knew the mental aspects well. In everything else, I took classes, read books, traveled to seminars, sought personal instruction, and practiced until my fingers bled. I was never happy with being “proficient” in something– I had to be exceptional. I wanted to be able to do it all.. so I did. Now I teach classes in everything from advanced suspension techniques to sanitation and disinfection protocols.

I built my dungeon, Wicked Eden, and then trained a core group of amazing staff. We are all set to expand our facility into a new space in 2015 and add a few more kinky go-getters to the ranks.

Sinical Magazine: What are some of your specialties?

Alexandra Snow: Some of the areas that I have a reputation include: advanced rope bondage (including suspensions and predicaments), PVC wrap bondage, foot worship/domination, tease and denial, CBT, medical play, elaborate role plays, abduction scenarios, extended/overnight scenarios, and much more.



Sinical Magazine: Do you have any favourite BDSM devices or toys?

Alexandra Snow: I believe that she who dies with the most toys wins, and I intend to win. My dungeon is so full of devices that you could go for days without repeating. I get bored easily, so I find it important to have lots of things to keep my attention.

Sinical Magazine: What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

Alexandra Snow: The first time I meet with someone, we sit and talk, off the session clock. I spend this time getting to know the person and figuring out what they are truly looking for and ensuring that we are a good match. My primary fetish is control. In order to satisfy that fetish, I need to be able to get inside my subject’s mind and figure out how he ticks. After that, I craft a session that includes the activities we both enjoy so the experience is fulfilling for both parties.



Sinical Magazine: Is S&M a form of psychotherapy?

Alexandra Snow: It certainly can be, but so can going to the gym and traveling abroad. BDSM requires a higher level of self-awareness and honesty in communication, both of which are tenants in psychotherapy, so if someone is able to work through their issues with kink, then it’s a bonus. But all people have baggage and the human experience is about how we deal with that baggage. In the last decade of seeing clients, I feel the biggest impact I have on their issues is that I accept them for who they are. Plain and simple: I don’t judge. We all need that in our lives.

Sinical Magazine: Can you talk about some of your various websites?

Alexandra Snow: The portal website that allows you to get to all the different things that I do is, which includes the links to my dungeon (Wicked Eden), to information about making appointments for in-person or remote sessions, details about booking me as a model or what projects I am booking models for, current publication appearances, and how to find my videos.


Sinical Magazine: What type of videos are on your Clips4Sale page?

Alexandra Snow: I have been a perpetual top 10 store on Clips4Sale since 2011 and I am the only FemDom model-producer to do that. Although I am classified as a “FemDom POV” video producer, my genre is not limited to that. My videos encompass everything from hypnosis to sensual domination to specific fetishes (like nylons) to transformations and supernatural scenarios. I have several new projects that are still in the works, including the complete overhaul of my membership site, Vicious Beauty.

Sinical Magazine: What type of music do you listen to?

Alexandra Snow: My tastes are very eclectic. I like everything from Buddha Bar to electronica to classic rock to old school Goth/industrial. My Spotify account looks like it has multiple personalities.



Sinical Magazine: What are some of your favorite books and who are some of your favorite authors?

Alexandra Snow: I love historical fiction and really intelligent fantasy, so Phillipa Gregory, Ken Follett, and George R. R. Martin top my list. I was a huge Game of Thrones fan before HBO even knew who they were. 😉

Sinical Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects or events you will be appearing at you would like to mention?

Alexandra Snow: I have lots of exciting things that I can’t quite say yet, but like my shiny new Facebook page ( and follow me on Twitter (@DominaSnow) for all the announcements as they come out. |


Follow Sinical on Facebook:

Follow Sinical on Twitter:



See me in Sinical Magazine #17!

Feature in Sinical

You don’t want to miss this latest truly amazing editorial in Issue #17 of Sinical Magazine. You can order it now. Release date: Jan 06, 2015. Go order yours here.

Photo by Laura Dark.

Model/Hair/Makeup: Alexandra Snow

Wardrobe: What Katie Did