Gifts & Tributes

My birthday approaches.

It’s that time of year again– my birthday and a holiday that all of my fans and slaves should be recognizing. This year is very special because I’ll be celebrating by attending Burning Man with my partner-in-crime, Ceara Lynch. If you’re lucky, you’ll see images trickle through from my adventures in the desert. A good slave already cleared our Burning Man supplies list, but if you’re lucky, there’s still some things left on mine below.

I’ve been slowly sorting my images from Iceland as well, but you’ll have to wait for that.

Contributing to my birthday celebration may be done with gifts here: My Amazon Wishlist

Gift cards are also highly desirable and can be sent to



To another fantastic year,


Vacation Worship Club

It’s official. In exactly 2 weeks (June 1st), I will be on my first REAL vacation in over 5 years. As a complete workaholic, I often neglect to give myself the very necessary R&R I deserve. So, I’ll be going to beautiful Jamaica for an entire week!

What does this mean for you? Well, I’ve decided to bring back my wildly popular “Worship Club” where a certain set of fans and slaves show their devotion and are rewarded with exclusive photos and videos. For this vacation, I have set up a special wishlist here: Vacation Wishlist

For all boys who purchase $40 or more from the list (can you get any more affordable?!), I will provide you with unpublished photos and at least one sexy, HD bikini video while I’m on my trip. These will not appear anywhere else and will be only for you. Feeling special yet?

This is, of course, a limited time offer. All gifts must be ordered AND arrive no later than May 30th, or they won’t count. What good is a bikini that doesn’t make it into my luggage?

Once the items on my list are gone, there will be no other chances to participate. There’s not much on the list and I won’t be adding much more. Be sure to email me ( once the order is placed with exactly what you’re excited to be sending me and I’ll let you know once it arrives.

Oh, and don’t worry… there will be plenty of videos in my Clip store to keep you company while I’m gone. I wouldn’t make you go into withdrawls!