My protege, Raevyn Rose, visits Columbus: November 28 – Dec 3

Earlier this year at AVN, I discovered a little diamond in the rough by the name of Raevyn Rose. Young, beautiful, clever, and brimming with a passion for kink, she prompted me to take on my first protege in many years. I’ve been mentoring this gem of a woman over the last year and she’s back in Columbus, finally available for double sessions with me.

Raevyn will be available for appointments (90 minutes or longer) with me, November 28 – Dec 3rd. Her interests align with mine, from bondage to tease and denial to pegging to face sitting and much more.

90 Minutes: $850
2 hours: $1100
3 hours: $1600

Email me directly to set up your appointment:

Femdom Soiree in Seattle – September 29th


This is the grand finale event for the filming of the Wicked Eden documentary project and we’ve snagged an opulent location to be the backdrop for a sexy little party full of the hottest and brightest women in the business. So many have already participated in the documentary and we’re excited to finish with a bang!

The Cocktail party. Music, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, gourmet s’mores, sparkling conversation, more champagne, sexual espionage, a few questionable decisions… you know the routine.


  • Q: What should I wear?
  • A: Women: As fancy as you’d like. Club, formal, fetish, or whatever you please. (The only limitation is we’ve been asked to not sit without underwear on any of the antiques.) Dress to match the location if you like. Men: dressy casual to black tie optional. Yes, we’re aware it’s a double standard and no, we don’t care.
  • Q: Is this a play party?
  • A: Yes, feel free to play as you like. We will have some areas set up with equipment.
  • Q: Will there be documentary filming?
  • A: Yes, filming will be occuring during the party but not the entire evening and not in all rooms. Guests would not like their faces shown are encouraged to bring masks, but there will be areas for those who wish to opt out of participation.

Slave Ticket Info: For those who wish to serve some of the industry’s most notorious women, we have a unique opportunity for a few submissives. You will be required to dress smartly (dressy formal – black tie optional), wear a collar, and a mask if you are not comfortable being filmed. Any of the ladies may utilize you as they wish (and you should negotiate your boundaries with them), although play is not guaranteed.

One lucky slave may be my personal butler through the course of the day and serve me directly.


Click here for tickets!



Just what is this documentary, Wicked Eden?

WICKED EDEN is a journey weaving through a world of shadows, with Alexandra Snow as our guide. WICKED EDEN dances between several storylines, where we stop along the way, making deep dives into the world of ‘Femdom’. Alex’s life story, the history of online domination, society’s perception of this work and how these women are combating this judgement and taking back their power – these are all topics to be explored in WICKED EDEN. How do women get into the business and what do they get out of it? What are their clients getting out of it? What is the science and psychology behind wanting to be submissive or dominant? D/S, JOI, CEI, ABDL, POV, Findom, Cuckolding, Feminization, what are all these abbreviations and fetishes? Fetish parties. Extravagant travel. People doing your laundry. Who wouldn’t want to live like this?


Video highlight: Forced Male Orgasms

Some of my best selling clips are forced male orgasm videos. Wonder why? Take a look.

Seeking film slaves – Columbus, OH

I got such an excellent response to my previous film slave search, I’ve decided to open it up again for Columbus. I’m looking to expand my collection of film slaves and would like some fresh faces (i.e. fresh meat). If you perform well, you might just be looking at a regular opportunity to be used.

Even if you’ve applied previously, you are welcome to email me again as many of my old emails get lost in the shuffle.

The criteria are as follows:

  • You must be a legal US citizen, 20 or older, with two forms of ID.
  • You must sign a model release and 2257 paperwork, but these are kept confidential.
  • You will receive a copy of any videos shot for your own personal enjoyment.
  • You do not need to be in optimum physical shape, but I do require recent photos before I make a decision.
  • I will allow you to be masked or hooded to keep your identity concealed.
  • I will require a $100 tribute to ensure you’re sincere and will instruct you how to pay that if you’re chosen. (Considering my hourly session tribute, this is an immense gift, do not take it lightly.)
  • You must be willing and able to perform one of more of the following activities: forced orgasm, CBT, facesitting, strap-on, spitting, face-slapping, cum eating, public humiliation, chastity, intense bondage, corporal punishment. You will provide your interests and limits and I will choose the scenarios. These are not sessions. If you are seeking a more personal experience with me, schedule a session instead.
  • You must be comfortable with others in the scene, including but not limited to my cameraperson.
  • You must be able to conduct yourself properly in and out of scene, which means proper manners, reliability, communication, etc.

If you meet all these criteria, send me a letter of introduction, areas of interest, and recent pictures of yourself to for consideration.

My birthday approaches.

It’s that time of year again– my birthday and a holiday that all of my fans and slaves should be recognizing. This year is very special because I’ll be celebrating by attending Burning Man with my partner-in-crime, Ceara Lynch. If you’re lucky, you’ll see images trickle through from my adventures in the desert. A good slave already cleared our Burning Man supplies list, but if you’re lucky, there’s still some things left on mine below.

I’ve been slowly sorting my images from Iceland as well, but you’ll have to wait for that.

Contributing to my birthday celebration may be done with gifts here: My Amazon Wishlist

Gift cards are also highly desirable and can be sent to



To another fantastic year,


New Availability for Spring/Summer 2017

As many of you have noticed, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling this last year since my return from Paris. I’ve been all over the place and I’ve got lots more adventures planned for the remainder of this year as well. In an effort to help with scheduling in-person sessions with me, I’ve updated my availability calendar to now have regular days of Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10AM – 8PM available for sessions.

To see my current travel calendar, go here.


Sessions must be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance. I realize this may be difficult for some of you, so I may have assorted additional days available when you call Wicked Eden to schedule. (Sessions must be 2 hours or greater in length unless you have special approval from me directly.)

For scheduling information, go here. 


I will be offering some limited phone/webcam times as well. You may email me for my current week’s availability:

Sessions in Paris – August 22 – Sept 9



My time in Paris is drawing to a close. I had thought to stay until the end of the year but its been too difficult to do my video production the way I intended. I miss my dungeon, my office, my amazing friends, and the conforts of home. I have throughly enjoyed my time here and will certainly visit again.

As such, I will be available for a select number of sessions from August 22 to September 9th.

Sessions are 300€ per hour, 1.5 hour minimum. Interview is mandatory prior to the session, as outlined here:

Contact me directly for scheduling:

Site Launch Offer Extended

Due to several of you having issues with the initial signup, I am extending the site launch offer until May 4th. The fraud detection of my billing provider is very aggressive so you will need to double-check your billing details AND verify with your bank that the charge is approved.

Unfortunately, instances of stolen credit cards and whatnot are very high in the porn industry and while it’s a pain, it’s is necessary to be very careful. I have chosen to go with a processor with more stringent privacy and security to avoid these kinds of issues in the future.

If you’re still having an issue signing up, you can contact CardBilling support here:

Card Billing by Verotel

Support Website:

If you are residing in the United States:
1-877-872-9246 (toll-free)

If you are residing in the European Union:
00-800-44229999 (toll-free)

If you are residing in the Netherlands:

Other countries:
+31 20 5315777 (international charges apply) is now LIVE!


The wait is OVER!

It’s been a very long, long time in the coming but my membership site is FINALLY launched! As of this email, there are over 1100 videos with 6 new updates every single week. Are you excited yet?

Remember when I mentioned how newsletter members would receive special pricing? Well until May 3rd, you can receive a massive discount off the 1-year membership price. Just how much? See below.

Montly membership: $49.99/month
Quarterly membership: $134.97/quarter (10% discount)
Yearly membership: $419.88/year (30% discount)

Special offer for 24 hours: $375/year

This special price can ONLY be reached by signing up at this link and can not be seen from the regular site. (If the link is not visible, cut and paste this URL:  )

As of May 3rd, this link will no longer be active.


“So… is this ALL of your content from your clip store, Goddess?”

Yes, with some exceptions. A handful of videos contain content that Visa and Mastercard doesn’t like, so I am not permitted to have them on the site. There are a small number of “premium” videos that are available at premium pricing on my clip store that are not included (such as my pasties videos), for obvious reasons.

The updates to my website are exactly one year behind the content I release to my clip stores. has 6 updates per week, more than most vanilla porn sites, so there is always new content when you login. You receive 6 streaming videos per day, enough to indulge in your favorite categories.

If you want the latest videos and want to keep them in your personal collection forever, keep an eye on my clip store.

Remember that I create and produce 100% of my own content.. so everything you see is my exclusive creation.


“Are you really in Paris?”

Yes! I’m traveling between Paris and the US every few months as I explore new business ideas and practice balancing work and life.

Due to my current visa status, I am not doing in-person sessions in Paris but I will post my travel schedule for the rest of Europe as it materializes.

I am back in Ohio May 27th – June 11th.

During my time in France, I will be doing more custom videos and webcam sessions. Email me for my current schedule.

More updates to come.. go enjoy the website now!



Returning to Paris – March 8 – May 24


(From my most recent shoot with Radiant Inc in Las Vegas.)

Last year when I ventured to Paris, I admit that I completely fell in love with the city and ached to explore more of Europe. For this reason, I’ve decided to make an extended trip back to France from March 8 to May 25.

Due to the legalities of doing sessions in Paris, I will not be available for in-person sessions. I will be considering trips to other European cities and I will be doing phone and webcam sessions during this time. I’ll obviously still be doing my videos, working on my brand new website, and will finally be opening up for custom videos once more. I might even get caught up on my overflowing email (but don’t hold your breath).

Be aware that I won’t be traveling with an entire kit of fetish clothing, shoes, boots, and toys, so take this into account when you make your requests. To schedule remote sessions or request a session in Europe during my stay, you may email me at

I look forward to seeing all of my obedient Ohio boys upon my return in May.

Until then,