Things to Consider

Before you rush to the phone or your email in excitement, I ask that you review these tips to ensure that you’re going to get the response you’re looking for.

Live by these basic tenants, and we’ll get along famously.

  • Read my website. No.. really. Read it. My number one pet peeve when answering the phone or my email is having to repeat myself when I’ve already taken the pains to write it out here. So read and absorb like a sponge. Learn MY likes and dislikes before you contact me lest you sound like you couldn’t be bothered to check if an activity is I may or may not do.
  • Don’t assume that you’re special, because you’re not. I don’t care what your income level is, your occupation, your umpteen years of experience, or which famous Mistress’ boots you spent the last 12 years licking. When you come to me, your worth is in how well you can please me, entertain me, and serve me. I value chemistry above all else.
  • Remember your manners. Slaves with great manners soar to the top of my list. Be humble, gracious, and thankful, and you’ll get much farther.
  • Do some research. Read some books on BDSM, look at a few informational websites (note, informational, not pornographic). Get an idea of what fetishes and interests appeal to you, and bring your own ideas to the table. Don’t rely on me to be the fount of all creativity. There is no such thing as an “average session” because all sessions are different. All people are different, so my interactions with them will change.
  • Respect my time. I am extremely busy but I love what I do, so I make in-person sessions a priority. Make sure you follow my instructions for scheduling a session or you may be waiting weeks for a response.
  • It is always easier to reach me via phone versus email or any social media platform. I answer my phone from 9AM to 9PM, Monday through Saturday unless I’m occupied, then it will roll over to Wicked Eden for you to leave a message.
  • No, I won’t date you. (Unless you’re a gorgeous bisexual biological woman, in which case I’ll think about it.) I do offer paid social time if you’d like to spend time with me outside of a session, and I enjoy doing this very much.
  • If you’d like to show me that you can go the extra mile, bring me a gift. There is nothing that puts me in a good mood straight away than a gift from a sweet slave. It doesn’t need to be expensive, fancy, or complicated. It is simply a sign that you are looking to please me. Look at my gifts and wishes area for ideas.
  • DO show some effort. The harder it looks like you’re trying to be pleasing, the more inclined I will be to seeing that your needs are met. Selfish or self-centered behavior is a major turn-off for me.
  • DO remember that I am human. I get sick, I have bad days, I sometimes just don’t feel like being your fantasy fodder. I am a real, lifestyle Dominant Goddess. I may look like I fell off the pages of your favorite magazine, but I am not one-dimensional.
  • Don’t make assumptions about my personal life. My personal relationships have no bearing on my relationship with you and should not even factor into your decision making. If you want me to value your privacy, then please value mine.
  • Don’t try to irritate me or goad me as a way of getting attention. You’ll only end up being ignored. I don’t like boys who try to top from the bottom, and the last thing you want to do is for me to regard you as not worth the headache of “correcting you.”
  • Loosen up and have fun. When you show me enthusiasm and enjoyment, it is infectious.  I really DO this day in and day out and I love what I do. Show me that you love that too.

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