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This site deals in Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism. It deals in Goddess Worship, female supremacy, professional domination, corporal punishment, torture, tease and denial, feminine feminist female supremacy female superiority femdomme femdommes domme dommes domina dominas hypnodomme hypnodommes dominance dominant submissive submission submissives slave slaves hypnoslaves forced femme forced feminization sissies sissy sissification control mind control hypnosis phone domination erotic hypnosis pain painsluts spankings money domination moneydomination money pigs moneypig moneypigs moneyslavery slavery pig pigs financial sadist money masochism submit succumb surrender  financial slavery financial domination tribute tributes fucking you up fucking you over taking all your money paup now loser bitch slut pimp pimped out pimptress humiliatrix dominatrix proDomme proDommes dominatrixes skull sessions hypnosluts bimbo sissy bimbo mindless mind fuck, Goddess, Domina, Domina Snow, punishment, BDSM, strap on, humiliation

Puppy/Pony/Kitty and Trainer, Feminization (Forced or Voluntary), French Maid and Mistress, Ritualized Slave Training, Schoolteacher/Student, CEO and Employee, Mommy and Son (Also Stepmother and Stepchild) Big Sister and Little Brother, Babysitter and Bad Little Boy, Police Officer and Detainee or Inmate, Military Officer and Civilian, Doctor/Nurse and Patient, Queen and Servant, Goddess and Devotee, Kidnapper and Victim, Castle Mistress and Slave
Bondage, Rope, Leather, Chain, Full-Body, Duct Tape, Cling Wrap, Bondage Tape, Private & Public, Long-Duration and Short Duration, Suspension, Caging, Closeting, and Boxing, Gags (Bit, Inflatable, Ball, etc.), Sensation, Cock and Ball Torture, Nipple Torture, Insertables (Plugs, Dildoes) Anal Play (including enemas and dilation)
Electrical Torture/Stimulation, Tickling and Teasing, Abrasion and Scratching, Candle/Wax Play, Hoods and Blindfolds, Behavior Control or Modification
Speech/Behavior Restriction, Forced Nudity, Forced Bisexual/Homosexuality, Cuckolding, Hypnosis, Chastity (Including Chastity Devices), Interrogations/Prolonged Torture, Mummification, Humiliation, Verbal and Physical, Orgasm Denial and Control, Sleep Deprivation, Financial Domination, Service and Slavery, Rituals and Ritualized Service, Giving Manicures, Pedicures, and Massages, Housework and Domestic Service, Personal Attendance - Maid, Chauffeur, etc., Animal Training - Puppy, Pony, Piggy, Long-Term Slave Training Fetishes, Fetish Wear (latex, leather, PVC, lace), Uniforms and Role-Playing, Cross-Dressing and Feminization, Foot/Heel/Boot Worship, Trampling, Golden Showers, Hair Removal, Photography, Exhibitionism (of you, of course), Serving as: Furniture, Art, Toilet, Trashcan, Ashtray, Wrestling/Physical Domination, Edge Play, Asphyxiation/Breath Play Blade/Knife Play, Blackmail, Discipline, Flogging and Strapping,
Caning, Cropping, Paddling, and OTK Spanking, Whipping, Face Slapping, Bastinado