My name is Domina Alexandra Snow. I am a professional Dominatrix, world-class dungeon owner, fetish media producer, BDSM educator, and expert in defying stereotypes.

I want you for a moment, to disregard what you think you know about Dominatrices. People like me are exceedingly rare because we are not our occupations. We breathe life into our vocations. I have always been a Dominant woman. For me, being served and worshipped comes as easily as breathing, yet it is only one small piece of what it means to be Dominant.

I am naturally driven by a desire to excel in all things. This desire is not fueled by money, fame, or glory but a deep desire to see how far I can go. I enjoy smashing the ideas of what is unattainable and exploring new ground, both in life and in business. I am well-educated but most of what I know could never be taught in a school. I am a student of the human mind and the world around me. I am the embodiment of passion tempered by an incredibly logical mind.

This website contains a wealth of information about me. BEFORE you run off to contact me or book an appointment, review the site in its entirety so that you will be well-versed prior to us speaking. I am not your typical “Dominatrix”, and therefore my methods and preferences may be wildly different.

I am a world-class professional Dominant, as such I do not offer nudity, sexual service, or sexual contact of any sort. For more information about my interests, limits, and more, keep reading.

I have been a professional Domina since 2004 with a insatiable drive to learn anything and everything possible about the kink world. As a result, I have become proficient in a multitude of activities and have a wealth of real-life experience.Learn more about me.
I detest few things more than boredom, so I strive for new and exciting ways to experience BDSM. From creative bondage to intense psychodramas, I keep even the highest maintenance bottoms on their toes.Learn more about my interests.
As a lifestyle Dominant, I am 100% real and completely authentic. I do not offer “services,” instead I offer the chance to serve a truly authoritative female. I enjoy play with men, women, and couples equally.Learn more about serving me.

Here’s how you can serve me…

I am first and foremost a lifestyle Domina, so I thrive on the interactions with real submissives, slaves, and bottoms. I try to provide a variety of opportunities to serve and worship me:

  • In-person sessions at my dungeon in Columbus Ohio.
  • Extensive online FemDom POV video library (all created exclusively by me!)
  • Sessions during one of my travels
  • Phone and webcam training by appointment.
  • Custom videos utilizing your specific interests.
  • Personal items, tributes, gifts, and more.

8 Reasons to Visit a Professional Dominatrix